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Play with Nano!


Play with Nano! is platform where you and your friends/family/acquaintances come together and play games while wagering Nano. Make game night, trivia night, or watching sports a little more interesting by creating "Question Games" or "Betting Games" along the way.

A major goal of Play with Nano! is to show how fun Nano can be when used in a social setting. Can you play with strangers on the Internet? Sure, but it becomes really fun sitting around the family room, game table, or local bar.

The site is intended to be easy to use for non-tech/non-crypto folks. I played many games with my family (to include elementary age kids) who have zero knowledge of crypto. It worked great! It reminded me of playing Bingo for quarters on road-trips with my Grandpa.

Rooms are created (and can be password protected) for you and your friends to gather. On your first visit, you might be interested in joining the Play with Nano! Public Room to just check it out.

Some examples, please?

  • Game night: What will he/she role on their next turn? How much money will you have when the game is over? Who will be the first to be out? How long will the game last?

  • Road trips: How many red cars will we see in the next 20 minutes? Trivia questions.

  • Sports: Which team will score first? What will the score be at half-time?

  • Bar games: Trivia night. Who can hold their breath the longest?

How it works

Every player account and every game has a unique Nano address. When you register an account, you are assigned an address where you can deposit Nano. When you play a game, your account sends a wager of Nano to the game's address. When the game is over, the wagered Nano is split evenly and sent to all the winners.

No fees join, no fees to deposit, no fees to play, and no fees to withdrawal Nano.

Questions / Learn more

 Knowledge Check

What is the room description for the Play with Nano! public room?

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